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vocal production

Vocal production course for f/x producers and vocalists

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5 weeks
May 2024


399 EUR*
ast chance discount
299 EUR
(incl. 21% btw)

Ready to take your vocal recordings to the next level? Develop you vocal production skills and become part of an all female and gender-nonconforming community of music producers.

* Based in the Netherlands? You can apply for the PPO Werktuig subsidy which will cover 33% of the costs. Don't hesitate to send us a message if you have questions about this.

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this course INCLUDES

Four hands-on, interactive lessons via Zoom
In-person demo session and Q&A in Amsterdam
Homework assignments every week
Recordings of all lessons
Access to our community and network event in June

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Start your music production journey with rosetta.

If there is one thing that we're excited about, it's getting more female and gender-nonconforming people to experience the joys of music production. Our basics courses focus on creating a space for learning, exchange and a community of likeminded individuals. 

The 'Vocal production' course teaches producers, artists and vocalists how to professionally and artistically produce their vocal recordings. It is especially useful if you combine singing, writing and producing your own music. 

Our Mission

Zeevlinder is a Dutch multidisciplinary artist combining music production, engineering, moving image and digital painting. Next to her own musical projects, Zeevlinder has experience with topline writing and co-writing for others artists as well.


She lives for experimentation and her work is often dreamy, strange, mind-expanding and funny. Think Albert Einstein, Sean Paul, Lana del Rey, Crowded House and Abraham Hicks dancing to the rhythm of falling stars and intergalactic waterfalls. 

As an instructor, Zeevlinder teaches you to feel and listen to your own ideas, and how to translate those ideas with the technical tools that are at your disposable in that moment. 



In 5 weeks learn how to
level up your vocals 

MODULE 1  Week 1 - May 7 7.30-9.30pm

The vocal chain

Go through the different stages of processing and polishing a vocal recording. 

MODULE 2  Week 2 - May 14 7.30-9.30pm

Vocal arrangement

Get creative with arrangement, layering and the placement of vocals in the stereo field. 

MODULE 3  Week 3 - May 21 7.30-9.30pm

Playing with FX

Experiment with the creative possibilities of reverbs, delays, pitch and other FX. 

MODULE 4  Week 4 - May 28 7.30-9.30pm

Vocal mixdown

Learn mixing techniques to integrate your vocals in the context of a production. 

MODULE 5  Week 5 - June 4 LIVE @ AMSTERDAM (location t.b.a.)

Demo session and Q&A

Give and receive feedback on everybody's tracks and focus on how to continue your practice.

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By completing this form you will register for the 5-week 'Vocal Production' course starting in May 2024. You will be forwarded to complete the payment after submitting.

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student experiences

“ I have a community of peers who can give me feedback and who I can collaborate with.”


Participant of


Through rosetta., I have grown both personally and professionally by learning how to navigate a studio session effectively. Before, I often felt isolated in my work, but now I have a community of peers who can give me feedback and who I can collaborate with.

“Because we listened so attentively to music, my hearing has sharpened.”

Starting in a DAW can be intimidating because there are so many possibilities. It's so cool to notice when you start to understand the interface and develop your own toolkit. Because we listened so attentively to music, my hearing has sharpened. I also have a broader knowledge of production now, which helps me produce more intentionally.


Participant of rosetta.summerschool


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