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Summer School 2022 FAQ 

1. Is rosetta.summerschool 2022 online or also on location?

Four of the ten lessons of the Summer School are on location in the Melkweg in Amsterdam. The rest of the lessons can be followed online. July 19 and August 2, 11 and 18 are live,  21, July 26, 28 and August 4, 9 and 16 will be given online via Zoom. For this you need your own place with an internet connection. 

2. From when to when is rosetta.summerschool 2022?

From July 19 to August 18. On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The online lessons last 2 hours, each online lesson is linked to a homework assignment.  


3. Can you also follow everything online?

No, the live classes at location in the Melkweg Amsterdam are of essential value and in principle cannot be followed online. 

4. I am on holiday (part of) the Summer School. Can I still participate?

That is possible, if your holiday is at the same time as the online lessons so that you do not have to miss live lessons. Know that you will get the most out of it if you can and want to put time and energy into the homework assignments in addition to the lessons.


5. Are you going to do rosetta.summerschool more often?

Sure, but we don't know exactly when. 

6. How do I know if I'm far enough as a producer for the Summer School?

When you independently a number can produce and work in a DAW you are ver enough. We also listen to your demo and determine the average level by assembling the group. So be sure to sign up. 


7. Are you planning to organize in other locations as well?

We would really like this. We are investigating this, but nothing concrete yet. 


8. Do I have to send in a demo?

Yes, because of this we know what your level is.


9. How do I submit the demo? 

Via a SoundCloud link where you uploaded the demo. 


10. Do I already need to be able to work with computer programs such as Ableton etc.?

Yes, you don't have to be advanced, but you should know the basics. That can be completely your own way.  


11. Does it matter what style of music I make?

No, all styles are welcome. We all have different genres and the basis of is that you work on your technical and personal development.


12. Which programs should I use?

We work with Logic, Ableton and Pro Tools.


13. Do I have to have my own computer?



14. When will I hear if I can participate? 

On June 13th we will let you know who has received a spot to participate.


15. Where will I be at the end of this course?

We focus on developing and producing. You have developed your producership in such a way that you can produce your own music yourself, you can easily communicate with others about the technical and content aspects of your work, you can collaborate with artists and people from the industry. We also try to give you the security to do all this. 


16. How do I win the sponsored spots?

You can indicate your reason for a chance to win one of the sponsored places when registering.


17. How do I pay?

You will receive an invoice from Paradiso Melkweg Production House after admission to the Summer School.


18. Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can pay in two installments.

19. Why are you targeting women and gender non-conforming producers? 

For many women, as well as queer and gender non-conforming producers, the music industry can feel like an unsafe place. That's why rosetta. a safe space for everyone who needs it. Where we show examples but also offer development trajectories so that women and gender non-comforming artists can take a more autonomous independent position in the studio to shape their own story.

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